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Patients Testimonial

Dr. Gunjesh is an excellent oncologist and more over a great human being. He has been treating my family member for over a year now and his line of treatment has been very accurate. Along with being a very experienced doctor he bring empathy to job as well.
I have seen firsthand how he has directed underprivileged and poor patient to right resources and ensure they get quality treatment regardless of their financial position.
I would highly recommend him.

Ayush Mehrotra

Dr. Gunjesh kr singh, A man with golden heart. His first approach towards patient is like you are already cured..that positivity he puts into your mind and heart. A truly amazing person and motivational / inspirational person.

Amit Kumar

A smart person with simplicity ... Very devoted to his work & responsibility.. I met him at HOMI BHABHA CANCER HOSPITAL, SKMCH Muzaffarapur during follow up cancer treatment of my mother in Feb, 21 while this hospital just start functioning... He is one of the best founder Doctor... I also talked to some patients of him, all are very much satisfied after meeting with him and feel very comfortable under his treatment... But my 2nd follow up visit to hospital last month ie in Dec, 21..i come to know that he get transferred from Homi Bhabha, MZP to Ranchi.. Very much missing Dr Gunjesh.. Plz try to repost at Muzaffarapur!

Santosh Kumar

Real God of oncology
Exlenent in treatment
Very hard work
Very tilented doctor in the Earth
Jaha aap ho woha koi phul murgha nhi sakta hi
So congratulation boss for starting this job

Kumar Abhimanyu

The best Medical oncologist in Bihar and Jharkhand. He provides the best cancer treatment with best patient care.

Abhishek Sinha

Dr Gunjesh sir provides one of the best cancer treatment & And satisfied to the patient's and Attendant also. Recovery rate is Much better..

Kundan Sarma

Dr. you are very good and your treatment method is also very good doctor because I saw you like this doctor because of you my mother is very good today.
Dr. I am happy that I got a doctor like you. God bless you always and keep you healthy. There is a search for a doctor like you in this world.

Rohit Kumar

He is a true gem. Very compassionate towards patients, always ready to serve his patients at any time of the day. Must visit for a consultation in Ranchi.

Satvik Khaddar

Sir you are best! Your behaviour,your thinking and your hospitality was great for patient.Thank you so much that was the best experience for me!

Jamshaid Alam

Dr Gunjesh is clinically sound and an oncologist who practices with impeccable patients care . God bless him.

Avinash Tiwari

You always do your work with a true heart and we are proud of you and we all always miss you.

Rakesh Choudhary

Best Medical Oncologist in Ranchi highly recommended for the cancer patients.

Anwar Nishar

Good doctors like you replace the fear of illness with trust in recovery.

Swatik Parashar

Best doctor I ever seen in my life

Vishal Soni

Well behaved ,Excellent knowledge and true patients friendly

Sanjeev Kumar

For me, Doctor Gunjesh Kumar Singh is no less than a god, my father has lymphoma, he started treatment and now he is fine to a large extent, I will do anyone for cancer, to meet him directly.

Anuranjan Tiwari

Having known Dr Gunjesh kumar Singh since his MBBS days I can vouch for his credibility towards his profesion and dedication towards the care of patients.His popularity among cancer patients of North Bihar while his tenure of just one year as successful Medicine Oncologist and Hematologist at TMH (Dr Bhabha Cancer Research Center) Mujafarpur speaks volumes about him. I am sure cancer patients of Jharakhand and Bihar are going to get maximum benefits out of his expertise in cancer treatment. Now escape the hustle and bustle of Mumbai, Velore, Delhi or Kolkata and head to Bhagwan Maharveer Medica Hospital, Ranchi to get a quick and accurate cancer treatment.

Maheshwar Singh

Dr. Gunjesh is one the best Medical Oncologist in India, not just based on the sheer Knowledge and experience in the field but also because of the passion and humbling nature! I would 100% recommend him to anyone looking for a Medical oncologist!

Shivam Kumar

Dr. Gunjesh is a very hardworking, dedicated and humble medical oncologist..who knows his work..surely one of the best in his field... Have personally seen so many of his hopeless cases recovering from the deadly disease..
He has started the department at HBCH&RC Muzaffarpur, from scratch and he is managing it so well....
Really proud of him and the entire team..keep up the good work.

Pragya Singh

Dr. Gunjesh is an excellent clinician with profound knowledge of Oncology and cancer related issues. keep doing great work .

Avinash Tiwari

Dr. Gunjesh is best Oncologist in Bihar

Pritesh Chauhan

Very efficient n humble oncologist, people of north Bihar r lucky to have such a good oncologist

Ratnesh Kumar

Top Oncologist in Hharkhand & Bihar

Ramesh Kumar Singh

The biggest quality of Dr. Gunjesh is that he connects with his patients from the heart and depth, talks to them with laughter and makes them comfortable. Medicine with positive aura has a wonderful effect. This quality is rarely found in doctors. Many many thanks and blessings to Dr. Gunjesh.

Sangeeta Singh

Best dr. In India

Sonam Tiwari

Best Oncologist in India

Sunny Kumar

Best oncologist in city.

Shubham Pandit (Pandit)

Gentle and Nice Person.

Manish Singh

Patient Caring Doctor

Yagnik Vaza

God is for Cancer Patient

Nilam Kumari